Angel Two: a feminist Star Trek podcast

In each episode, we discuss an aspect of Star Trek from a feminist perspective; specific episodes, characters, themes and the implied messages about humanity and equality in the future as well as in the last 50 years. Don't worry. We're card-carrying humourless feminists, so we'll never, ever wander off topic or make terrible Trek jokes or devolve into one-upwomanship over who knows more about Trek. It's clearly Fiona who obviously isn't writing this in the hated third person. Oh yes, indeedy.
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Nov 1, 2018

This is where the title is from. You're welcome.

This is part two of our Hallowe'en bonanza! Wagon train to the stars? 

Apologies for the creakiest chair in Scotland and the occasionally weird edits; it's cough season and I didn't want to hurt your poor ears. Again.

Knight Errant Press - the publishers of Queering The Map: Glasgow, an anthology that will include some of Sophie's work. The book is out November 24th 2018!


Episodes discussed in this episode: The Assignment (DS9); Macrocosm, The Haunting of Deck 12 and The Thaw (VOY); Impulse and Doctor's Orders (ENT)


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Oct 31, 2018


As it's the season for surprises and jump scares, we decided to appear from nowhere to talk about seasonally-appropriate Trek episodes.

This is part one of two because we ended up choosing lots of episodes (and yet still not covering them all) so watch your feed for the rest of the discussion.

Spoilers for: Catspaw (TOS); Genesis, Frame of Mind, Schisms, Night Terrors and Sub Rosa (TNG); and The Assignment (DS9)


If you would prefer 3+ hour long podcasts in future, you can reach us through the interweb tubes (no half-spider Barclays involved! ... web? geddit? It's funny.)


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Social Media corporation that has probably doomed us all, and won't get rid of Nazis: @angeltwopod

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May 6, 2018

Content warning: near the end of the show, when we are discussing our favourite and not-so-favourite things/characters in Discovery, Fiona makes reference to PTSD and sexualised violence. Please keep this in mind if these are difficult topics for you.


Is that your threat ganglia showing or are you just surprised to see us in your podcast subscriptions feed?

We are back, from outer space. You opened up your podcast app, with a sad look upon your face. You love our stupid show, our wit and humour are the key, and without any warning, we're back to bother thee...

In this episode we talk Chapter 1 of Star Trek: Discovery. I'm not sure how else to describe it. We have mixed feelings, and we discuss them as we generally do. There are spoilers for the first half of season 1 of Discovery, because it would be quite difficult to talk about it for an hour and not spoil anything.



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Aug 6, 2017

Greetings friends!


In this episode there is pain, there are pin badges and there is much conjecture about what Star Trek Discovery might be like. We have no more idea than you do, possibly even less because this was recorded before #STLV17 and our plan to slingshot around the Sun was somewhat hampered by our lack of a suitable vehicle. AB (was) volunteered to try it with many, many layers of tinfoil wrapped around her, but the elastic band broke before she even left orbit. Does anyone know where we can find the nuclear wessels?

As you may have come to expect from us, there's also other stuff, too. 



May 19, 2017

Lookie loo, guess who?


Yes, we're back. Winter's pretty much a write-off for us, so consider this a new season of Angel Two?

Due to technical problems and possibly the worst bad mental health period I've had since the last one the time I went to hospital, this is fully a month after we recorded. And the editing is minimal. Sorry that I couldn't do a better job, but there's Women At Warp if you want something more professional sounding! 

I also have no idea what's in this episode, so tweet me @angeltwopod or @hallyrackit if there's anything you think I've missed.

Nov 16, 2016

Thanks for sticking with us, folks! A couple of months ago, Adam Nimoy's documentary For the Love of Spock was released and as Sophie had contributed to the Kickstarter, she graciously waited until we were all together before watching it. Patience of a saint, that woman. We discuss said film and our thoughts on it and then, as we do, meander off topic a bit. AB and Fiona even disagree on something! Phasers (set to stun, we don't hate each other that much) at dawn!

To watch For the Love of Spock yourself, going to will get you started.


Oct 4, 2016

SPOILERS for Star Trek Beyond contained herein!

Don't say we didn't warn you!


MJ, Sophie and Fiona took a trip to see Star Trek Beyond in the cinema and were quite surprised. When AB finally sees it, she may well kick herself, but not hard because it's still not ST:VI. Better than ST:V and Into Drekness, to damn it with faint praise.

Does anyone even read the show notes? If you do, gonnae tweet me with the Vulcan salute emoji @angeltwopod? Or post it on Ta muchly.

I'll away and see if I can find some pilfered Scotch now, invented by a little old lady in Russia...

Aug 23, 2016

Over a Google Hangout, AB, Sophie and Fiona talk a bunch of Trek news. Okay, it was news at the time, but true to form I'm glacial in my editing speed and then technology intervened and ate the edited episode then refused to upload it... Anyway. It's here! Because of the Hangout, the audio quality isn't great. Sophie is oddly quiet. And I left my window open. Again. It's gonzo podcasting, 'kay? It's a stylistic choice. Honest.


We cover the initial tease for Star Trek Discovery; Agents of Yesterday in Star Trek Online; MAC x Star Trek cosmetics and quite a few more things that I've already forgotten because it's 4.10am and I can't remember my own name right now.


Oh! We have a Patreon! Please think about donating? Thank you muchly. We love you. I sleep nao. *puts on ST:TMP*

Jul 18, 2016

Yes, I'm aware that revenge is a dish best served cold, so will be wary of any ice cream-based treats Sophie offers me.


MJ watched more DS9 with us (Sophie and Fiona this time; AB was unable to join us - she said something about a cellular peptide cake, with mint frosting?) Past Tense Pt. 2 (we ended up watching part one the previous week after recording) and In the Pale Moonlight, with TNG's Half a Life in between.

As ever, it's taken a while to get this episode out to your ears (apologies!) so when we mention Anton Yelchin it was at least a month before his untimely passing. Please don't think us insensitive or ignorant.

Please get in touch! @angeltwopod - - - for the love of Worf, please get in touch? What's your favourite ice cream flavour? Does Earl Grey ice cream exist? How does one make ice cream with tea, I wonder..?

Jul 1, 2016

<Insert heartfelt apology for being so quiet for so long>


In this episode, we introduce MJ as both a new member of the Angel Two crew and to Star Trek - yes, we found someone we know and like who hasn't seen Star Trek and are taking steps to fix that terrible situation. Don't worry, she's completely down with it! Also: MJ's mum - sorry about the swearing.

MJ's introduction begins with TNG - The Measure of a Man, DS9 - Civil Defence and Voyager - Eye of the Needle.


If you want to get in touch, say to ask us to record more often, you can do so via

twitter: @angeltwopod

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email us at

And MJ's brilliant comic strip can be found at:

Apr 18, 2016

Hello friends!

We thought it would be fun to watch The Motion Picture (muted, with subtitles) and record the experience for you. Gosh, were we wrong! That said, if you also mute the movie and listen to us instead, it will almost certainly be more fun for you. Try it with the drinking game: reaction shot - drink; over-long sfx shot - drink some more.

Additionally, codeine and I don't mix too well, so I say some strange and silly things ("a very lot much amount of make up"?) but be kind. I edited out the coughing and yelping to save your ears (and mine. I won't lie.)


If you watch the movie with us, be sure to let us know!


Mar 16, 2016

In the future, we have achieved equality (amongst other things) but when it comes to affairs of the heart... (who else has a weird version of Faith Of The Heart in their heads now? Sorrynotsorry) the men of Trek are often shown to behave in a very retro way. 

We discussed this, at great length, a few weeks ago. 


As ever, please give us feedback: 


Broken Rainbow UK donation page, please give what you can. Thanks!



Jan 30, 2016

Firstly, our most sincere apologies for the delays in getting this episode out; hopefully it will be worth the wait!

Also, the audio quality might not quite be up to par - this is probably related to the problems we had with the actual recording. Anyway, it's not like I produce NPR-quality podcasts, what do you want from me???


In this episode, we pay tribute to the fabulous and wonderful Majel Barrett Roddenberry. If you're unfamiliar with her place in Trek history, are you sure you've go the right podcast? If you don't know her, go watch her episodes, we'll wait.


Caught up? Ain't she just BRILLIANT? Hashtag life goals. Lwaxana, at least, if not MBR herself.

We also talk movie trailers and the new TV show, but that got abruptly cut off. C'est la vie.

Oct 30, 2015

In this episode, we struggle to stay on the topic we meant to talk about; Season 3 TNG's 'The Offspring' (SPOILERS: Data becomes a daddy for about 42 minutes) and Season 5 DS9's 'The Begotten'. Totally not the same story, why would you say that? Odo not only becomes a quasi-parent, he also resolves his daddy issues. Totes not the same. 

As we ended up talking about a wide variety of things, we'll try to ensure that there's actually show notes if there's anything you want to find out more about. That Enterprise D sim? You'll want to see that. Fiona is already saving for the VR headset specifically for that.

Any questions or comments of feedback, you can get in touch with us in various ways: - @angeltwopod on Twitter or 

Sep 6, 2015

Another lengthy episode! We have a lot to say about everybody's favourite Trek (TNG onwards, anyway) scoundrel - Q. And a few other things, which brings us to a very important show note: there's swearing in this one. A lot of swearing. If this is something you don't care to listen to, that's okay - skip the bit between 1hr 39mins and 1hr 47mins (and about 30 seconds). 


We were interrupted about midway through, so there's an unavoidable break. Fiona's neighbour has a dog that doesn't like to be left alone, as you may hear later in the show. Speaking of hearing and Fiona, if you don't skip the sweary bit, you'll have the dubious pleasure of hearing how loud (and incoherent) she can get when provoked. Otherwise she's her usual barely audible self. Still working on that.


Finally, we finish off with a quote quiz between AB and Fiona. If you have any suggestions for quotes or questions, email them to and be sure to mark them 'FAO Sophie' in the title bar.


We are also reachable on @angeltwopod and at

Jul 21, 2015

Life is happening and getting in the way of important Star Trek feminism discussions. Forgive us? (You can show your forgiveness and understanding by interacting with us digitally. Details in the show!)


While Fiona is far more audible this time, I also forgot to close the window, so sorry about the traffic noises. Won't do that again, unless there's a fire while recording, in which case traffic will be the last thing on all our minds. And my crossfade sucks almost as badly as Angel One. Still, like TNG, I may radically improve in about 2 years. You'll have to sit through some howlers until then, but I'll eventually pull it together and present you with the audio equivalent of The Offspring (Leonard John Crowfoot reference FTW!) and you'll be so glad you did*.



*Aspiration, not contractually binding.

Jun 22, 2015

The obvious place for us to go to is Angel One. Spoiler: it SUCKS.


We discuss how badly this episode sucks at great length, and more importantly, why it sucks so badly that Fiona rolled her eyes so hard at it, she fell out her chair. Trufax.


The format of the episode might be different to episode one; this is because Fiona - once safely seated again - is learning all kinds of audio trickery (and may even start using said trickery in the actual podcast sometime), so please give her feedback on whether or not it sucks as hard as an episode of TNG from 1987. Also, yes. She's still really, really quiet. It might actually be her, not the microphone. I also hate referring to myself in the 3rd person.


We are now on twitter at @angeltwopod and Facebook! Come, be our internet friends! Please?

Jun 7, 2015

Settle in with your cup of Earl Grey (hot), raktajino, Saurian brandy, or... well, it's green?

This is a long one!


We are AB Silvera, Sophie Norman and Fiona, and we're Star Trek obsessives fans. (Sorry, Sophie!) We're also feminists. Who loooove to talk about Star Trek. You won't know us from anything, unless you stalk us on twitter, in which case - hi Mum!


In this episode, we discuss our personal histories with Trek, and episodes we watched just before recording, which will hopefully give you an inkling about the course we're charting in our adventure. What do you mean, go over the Soliton Wave? Pah!


A note on the sound quality and editing: Fiona is doing this (she's the one who sat too far away from the microphone so is quite quiet) and is mostly learning from YouTube tutorials. At least my eyebrows are on fleek, right? In the 24th century, I'd be in a blue uniform, not a gold one. Hopefully this will become less obvious over time!


Music for our show is by our lovely friend Sandy and our logo is by our friend Kat (who is up to her eyeballs in the most beautiful PhD I've ever seen). Seriously, we have amazing and talented friends!

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy!